Managed VPS servers, 99% uptime guaranteed, 75% off first month, 24*7 support

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Tech4server is offering Managed VPS servers under the
following packages:

User coupon code: 754WHK

<a href=>VPS hosting</a>

VPS 200
Space 20 GB
Bandwidth 200 GB
Guaranteed Memory 256 MB
IP's 2
Burst RAM 512 Mb
Cpanel $15/month
Monthly Price $15

VPS 300

Space 40 GB
Bandwidth 400 GB
Guaranteed Memory 256 MB
IP's 3
Burst RAM 1024 MB
Cpanel $15/month
Monthly Price $20

CPanel VPS 400

Space 20 GB
Bandwidth 400 gb
Guaranteed Memory 512 mb
IP's 3
Burst RAM 1536 MB
Cpanel Free
Monthly Price $35

CPanel VPS 500

Space 40 GB
Bandwidth 400 GB
Guaranteed Memory 512 mb
IP's 3
Burst RAM 1536 MB
Cpanel Free
Monthly Price $40

CPanel VPS 600

Space 60 GB
Bandwidth 400 GB
Guaranteed Memory 1024 MB
IP's 3
Burst RAM 1536 MB
Cpanel Free
Monthly Price $55

<a href=>Click
here to choose your plan and order!</a>

We currently offer management of No control panel , with cpanel,with
lxadmin virtual server only.

Cpanel is free on plans 400 and above .

We also setup new vps servers with lighttpd , php-cgi , and optimize
for best perfomance on request .

We offer a vps control Panel with following functionality:
* Start, stop, reboot, rebuild VPS
* Reset Root password
* Free Os Reloads
* Much more!
We currently offer only Linux VPS servers .

We also include our server management with 24*7 support and monitoring.
You can find reviews of our services at:

Server Configurations:

Dual Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.33Ghz
250*2 SATA 10k RPM hard drives

Any Questions Mail them to sales at or submit a ticket

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